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Speak it thanks to an impressive method - Immersion.

The ONLY way to learn Arabic naturally WITHOUT using lecture-style methods

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A method of learning Arabic through Immersion, natural and fast, Regardless of your current level…

I WANT to learn Arabic!

Imagine for a second that you had the ability to learn Arabic easily and in just a few months.



Imagine being ready to speak Arabic in any situation in life, clearly and simply, without the slightest hesitation.


Would this be a change for you?


If your answer to this question is YES, I have good news.


Just before we find out how you can achieve such a good level in Arabic, let’s take a look at this quote from the Belgian historian, George Sarton:

Are you nodding with me?


Or like many others do you think that Arabic is an inaccessible language?


You think that it’s obvious that it is difficult, since most people spend years studying this language, trying to learn every single rule of grammar.


They think it will make it easier for them to understand, read and write Arabic.


That’s because everyone says there is no other way to learn this language.


Then finally, they realise that they do not understand much (despite these decades of learning) and that they still encounter many difficulties.


They find out – a bit late – that they lack practice, they make pronunciation errors and they lack something crucial: the ability to express themselves correctly.


Perhaps you too are familiar with this delicate situation…


 You Can’t Find a Better Solution.


And it is clearly not the few grammar-based and translation-based methods that you have probably tried that will solve your problem.


Even the few books that can be found on the subject will solve it.

Today, maybe you can say a few standard sentences and know some vocabulary words…


But nothing is sufficient enough to speak it fluently in everyday life.


Ultimately, what is the greatest risk to you for not understanding or speaking Arabic?

You’ll become stagnant, staying chained to translations and watching the opportunities pass you by.

More specifically, I am thinking of:

  • Teaching Arabic to your children.

  • Taking advantage of certain work or travel opportunities

  • Exchanging and chatting with other people without worrying about the few small mistakes you might make.

  • Being deeply moved in your heart by the Islamic sermons and texts.

  • And many others…

It Seems that Learning Arabic as an Adult Is IMPOSSIBLE…


Every day, the frustration of not understanding or expressing yourself correctly is - very - strong.


This pressure paralyses you and you end up giving up thinking that Arabic is too complicated a language.


You end up thinking that, as an adult, it is unlikely that you will ever learn it.


With practice and a few years of experience, I can assure you that it is not impossible.


It’s even more accessible, simple and fun than you think!

If Your Level of Arabic Is Low:


It’s not because you lack practice and prefer to wait until you make no mistakes to start speaking.


Nor is it because of your age, because you fear looking ridiculous or because you mispronounce certain words.


Your real problem lies elsewhere:


It’s the way you are learning Arabic.


Learning a new language is not knowing the translation of the words you read.


It’s also not about learning grammar by heart so you won’t make mistakes.


The real solution for learning Arabic – the one that really works –  is this: You have to SPEAK! 


A language is spoken before it is written.


Priority should be given to comprehension and oral expression.

Imagine for a Second…


You want to learn how to make couscous like the one your mom makes.


If you compare that to learning Arabic, it is like saying you have to learn the recipe by heart.


CYou must know the spelling of each ingredient.


You must watch YouTube videos of complete strangers making this recipe.


It is of NO USE. RIEN.


What you need to do is cook with her.


That way, she teaches you the right actions, the right quantities and the perfect cooking times…


In short, you need to be immersed in the process with her to learn all her cooking secrets.


And above all...


The idea is to forget about all the false solutions that don’t bring about anything concrete.


The result:


You will be perfectly comfortable discussing, understanding and speaking Arabic.


It will be easier to communicate with any Arabic speaker, regardless of their dialect.


It doesn’t take much effort, JUST a lot of consistency.


To help you get the results you just read, this is what I suggest…

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Learn Arabic through Immersion!


Now might be the time for you to try something different …


This might be the little trick you were missing to magically unlock your Arabic.


For this, I created a natural, fun and fast method based on oral comprehension and expression: I Learn Arabic through Immersion.


Today, I would like to present to you the work of more than 10 years of experience as an Arabic language instructor (which also allowed me to obtain my Master’s degree (Level 7) in Didactics of Arabic Language Teaching).


EI’ve succeeded in helping thousands of students who adopted this new way of learning and wouldn’t change their mind for the world...


This Is What Awaits You:

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By applying what you learn, you will be able to clearly progress in Arabic in a natural way.


From the first week you should see some results.


After a few months, you should reach the A1-A2 level of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) in oral comprehension and expression.


All of this, with only 15 to 20 minutes of practice per day.



Who is Mr Dannan?

Professor Abdellah Dannan received the award for the best method for teaching the Arabic language in May 2015.

He’s a great man who, today, has offered you a new way of learning.

I want to speak Arabic
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What Does It Mean to Learn Arabic through Immersion?


Animated videos that make learning easier with everyday dialogues to encourage understanding the Arabic language.


Learning everyday vocabulary in order to familiarise yourself with Arabic and be more comfortable speaking.


Online exercises to practice and progress faster.


Unlimited access 24/7.


Above all, a weekly audio forum with specific communicative tasks (a new tool that does not exist anywhere else and offers powerful results). You’ll receive an audio response from one of our certified teachers. In other words, the feedback is - almost - instantaneous.



The Strengths of the Programme

What Does the Educational Content of the Programme Look Like?

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For this programme, new have chosen to tell the story of a group of people, from different countries and meeting each other in Qatar.

The goal is for each of you to identify with one of these characters.

This is why they have diverse backgrounds: some are in Qatar to work; others are studying there. There are people who are married, divorced, single and with families.

These characters go through several stages (at the airport, at the restaurant, at the doctor’s office, etc.) and we follow them in their daily lives.

Our ambition is to be able to allow you a real virtual linguistic trip.

Dialogues in the Form of Animated Videos Drawn from Authentic Situations

The programme "I Learn Arabic through Immersion" revolves around short dialogues taken from everyday life, with animated videos for educational purposes designed entirely by the Arabic Immersion team that encourage understanding the Arabic language.


A Vocabulary Section in the Form of Audio-Animated Images

Among the strengths of the programme is that all the didactic content is accompanied by a “vocabulary section”. The objective is to explain the lexicon of the session through audio-visual images without translating.

Fun Self-Correcting Quizzes

Each session has its own quiz; Absolutely no translations. The quizzes are a real source of motivation so that you can assess your own progress…

Natural Grammar

Here, there are no memorising rules by heart! It all comes down to listening and visualising so that you can grasp the grammar in a natural way.

Common Expressions

This section allows you to grasp the usual formulas of Arabic culture, such as polite expressions, in order to immerse yourself in the spirit of the language.



This is a great novelty in Arabic teaching! This format will make reading more enjoyable.

A first in online Arabic teaching: A weekly audio forum in Arabic that shows real results after only the first few days.


Check out some excerpts below:

Alicia from France

Halim from France

Nassim from France

Sara from France

Coralie from France

Nour from France

Said from France

Oussama from Toulouse

Aboussalmane from Toulouse

Said from France

What learning is targeted by the programme?

  • Greetings, asking and responding to how one is doing? (expressions of greetings, emotions, feelings, etc.)
  • Introduce oneself, introduce one’s family and friends (name, age, nationality, personal and professional situation, etc.)
  • Talk about one’s city and home (type of home, names and description of the rooms, furniture in each room, etc.)
  • Talk about an itinerary or a route (directions, landmarks, road signs, vocabulary about a city, etc.)
  • Briefly describe people, places and objects (name of the object, height, colour, characteristics, etc.)
  • Understand a restaurant menu and be able to place an order (fruits, vegetables, drinks, meals, tastes, bills, etc.)
  • Ask and say what time it is (watch, morning, evening, afternoon, night, late, on time, etc.)
  • Talk about the seasons and the weather (climate, forecast, seasonal clothing, temperature, etc.)
  • Talk about one’s studies and one’s profession (school, faculty, work, school/office supplies, recruitment, schedule, etc.)
  • Talk about one’s routine (habits, daily activities, daily expressions, etc.)
  • Express one’s pain or illness (health vocabulary, at the doctor’s office, at the pharmacy, etc.)
  • Talk about one’s activities and hobbies (sports, entertainment, preferences, etc.)
  • Hold short conversations concerning travel (vocabulary used in the airport, to get to a destination, to take a means of transport, etc.)
  • Many other skills (non-exhaustive list)
I accept this offer!
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And since it’s only the results that really matter…

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To join the adult programme, I Learn Arabic through Immersion, it’s very simple!

To activate your discount and immediately access your profile, all you have to do is :

  1. Click on the button below.
  2. Complete the form (it takes less than a minute).
  3. That’s all, your student profile is created and everything is ready!
I Learn Arabic today!

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As soon as your registration is confirmed, you will receive an email to create an account and access the adult programme “I Learn Arabic through Immersion”.


If you don’t see it in your inbox, please check your spam email.


You can access the course whenever you want, as many times as you want.


Just know that from the moment you join our programme, you are never alone again.


We are a great team - family - who will support you throughout your project. qui vous accompagne tout au long de votre projet.


We will be with you until you are perfectly comfortable with Arabic.


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So, no more excuses! Start now because, for 15 days, you can request a cancellation of your registration with no strings attached and no questions asked.


As a reminder:


Immersion is the most natural way to learn Arabic.


So, stop studying the Arabic language… and practice it!


The good news is, you can get started now.


Today, maybe even in a few minutes.


It’s all up to you.


See you soon!

I WANT to speak Arabic!
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